New Year, New Me

Every year, people everywhere recite the words in this title for at least the month of January. I am sticking with that theme, but not the typical things that normally accompany this saying (cutting people off, getting in shape, etc.)….not that some of those things aren’t great to do. I wanted to talk about decluttering. How about we consider getting rid of items…instead of waiting for “spring cleaning”, go through those clothes that have been in the closet and on hangers for years, clean out that junk drawer, get rid of old socks and papers….you get the gist. There is a good feeling about purging, and getting rid of things that are just taking up space; and this allows you to make space for new items that will actually be used. I try to go through my closet every month or so, to get rid of anything that I may have had hanging around too long. That may be too much for others, but it works for me. So, let’s go forward in the spirit of declutter…LOL.