New Year's Surprise

People of America,

OMG…y’all!! Technically this post is late, but I have been basking in my blessing. So, let me get to the point! On December 31, 2018, I got news from a mechanic that my car needed a new engine, and some other major work that would cost thousands of dollars so that my car would pass the state inspection. I asked the guy to just put a rejection sticker on my car. Now, not only was I now going to miss my sister’s birthday celebration, but now I had to find a care within the next 48 hours, so that I could return to work on Wednesday. I remember when I walked through the door of my home, I said “Lord, you have to find me a car.”

As soon as I got home, I started looking for cars. My dad and I rode to one lot on base, and found nothing. Then we went to a dealership, where I found the one car I I wrote down on a list. The car was the one I really wanted, and it is a car that I have been looking at for years. I went home and contacted my bank to see if I would be approved for a car loan, and I was hesitant to do so. When I tell you that I prayed the whole time I was answering the questions for the loan….you may ask why…I do not have bad credit, but when in situations where you have to wait for a determination…it just makes me nervous. Anyway, the loan was approved, and I was able to get the car I wanted the very next day. I know that normally the car buying process is long and grueling, but I know that because I prayed and had faith in my Jesus, that this process mad taken care of speedily and in my favor. Just a bomb way to go into the new year!!! Even though it appeared that everything was going wrong, and was not in my favor, God turned all that around to work for my benefit. Can we say awesomeness?!!