So many times I have witnessed people making promises, or saying things about their character that they believe to be true. But how many of those people actually keep their word, and prove the things they say to be true? In my experience, even when we mean well, our actions do not always align with our words. I have learned to think about what I tell people, before it leaves my mouth, because I want what I do to confirm what I have said. This is something that makes an individual and companies trustworthy. When you say one thing, and then do another, this tarnishes your name and builds a negative rapport with others. We all expect others to follow through with what they have said/promised, so we should examine ourselves and make sure that we are doing our very best to honor our own words. People will always remember what you did, and how you made them feel, so I strive to have people remember me by my actions; and I want those actions to have others remember me as kind, honest, caring, and trustworthy at the very least.