Little Things

Do not discount the little things in your walk with God. Everything He instructs you to do has meaning, and has an effect on you and others around you. The little steps of faith and obedience keep us moving toward the goal, and towards the bigger moments that we have been waiting for. What we consider to be small, is big in Gods eyes, because He chose us to fulfill certain duties on this earth; and no task He assigns to us, is more important than another. These tasks cannot be ranked-they all carry the same weight, because He has asked us to completed them, and He trusts us to keep our word when we ask to be used by Him Choosing to be disobedient when it comes to the tasks that we consider to be small, shows God that He cannot trust us with the bigger things that He has in store for us (and that we want) What would be considered a "small" disobedience will eventually become a bigger issue, and stunt our spiritual growth. Going against God's will opens the door for the devil to come in and tempt us. God's hands are tied when we choose to go against his instruction. Therefore, He cannot step in and take over when we are working against Him; and we should not expect God's hand to be on anything we do, until we are back in line with His will and instructions. 

Making this relatable: It is like when a parent tells their child to follow the rules in school. If the child goes to school and does not do as instructed, and the child is then reprimanded by the school, the parent cannot step in and help that child. Now, if the child follows all the rules and is wrongly accused or punished, then the parent can step in on the child's behalf, and defend them.